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Marta Dabis
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Marta Dabis received her MBA at Oakland University in 2004 and her Science degrees in 1994 and 1996 in Hungary. She has recently returned to Michigan from the San Francisco Zen Center, where she was a residential Zen student, working, living and meditating with the monks for three years and offering introduction to Zen meditation to guests and visitors.

Marta completed her year-long chaplaincy training with the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies in Redwood City and her clinical pastoral education at UCSF Medical Center and Benioff Children’s Hospital. She studied with the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco and served over 200 hours as a volunteer caregiver in the Zen Hospice Project Guest House.

Marta has founded Inspiring Conversations LLC in 2005. She currently serves as a chaplain intern at St Joseph Mercy Health System in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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